The Danish Link

The official guide to the best sights and attractions for danes in Germany, especially made by the german tourism board in Denmark. This is very cool if you know how to combine travel with life, because we have a lot of needs: study, work, research practice and so on. For example, you need to analyze a book, but you don't have time, then you should buy book reports, because you complete the task, and you can enjoy a walk, vacation or weekend. Or, you can quickly edit a video or write on a laptop - it's mobile and all you need is the Internet and electricity.

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Danish Link app

The Danish office of the German National Tourism Board came to us because they wanted to complement their latest campaign: "The Danish Link" with a mobile app. The goal of their campaign is to attract more Danish visitors by promoting the sights in Germany that share a historic, cultural or just curious connection with Denmark.

We created an app that maps out the 450 points of interest across Germany, users can navigate these sights through a clickable map split in states and then filter by category/type. To make it useful and engaging, we added the possibility for people to favorite places, so they can create their own travel plan, and also included an Instagram feed of all pictures tagged #DanishLink.

"We came to Everplaces in need of an app for our campaign 'The Danish Link'. The team delivered an excellent product within the given time frame and it has been a pleasure working with them. They are a very talented and open-minded bunch of people!"

Jytte Müller, E-Marketing Manager at Tysk Turist Information