Copenhagen Cooking Festival

Learn how Wonderful Copenhagen used a mobile app to promote Copenhagen Cooking Festival & service attendees

Copenhagen Cooking is one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe. The festival is organized twice a year and includes around 250 food events and gastronomic experiences over the space of two weeks, all over the city.

Copenhagen Cooking worked with Everplaces to create a mobile app to complement their print brochures and make the information more readily available than in a physical brochure.

The primary strategy for driving downloads was providing visitors with a really useful tool. The app helped participants to get an overview of all events and create their personal program.

The result: Very high engagement. The average session duration was 2:12 minutes with 20 screen views per session – compared to the average attention span, which in general is only 8 seconds.

“The goal was to provide a visual, convenient and relevant tool for attendees to discover gastronomic events and make their own program, while giving us the possibility to update it at any time. Everplaces helped us achieve that by delivering a beautiful app".

Louise Örnfelt, Senior Strategic Consultant at Wonderful Copenhagen

Great for the festival visitors

Easy overview with detailed information and personalized filtering

With more than 250 events at the festival, the first task was to create an overview. To make the content as relevant as possible immediately upon opening, the app automatically opened on the correct day during the festival, enabling last minute decisions.

The Cooking Festival has different culinary themes. To increase relevance for the individual visitor, a filtering function was implemented. Visitors could browse events they were most interested in.

One of the most popular features was that visitors could make their your own program with a favorite function. Once people have invested time in favoriting information, they are much more likely to return to the app. This was popular with the users; 40% of the events were favorited during the festival.

Great for the festival organizers

Instant programme updates, notifications to visitors and in-depth analytics

As opposed to print material, an app is interactive. Wonderful Copenhagen could update last minute venue changes via a CMS system, which synced to the app automatically. This ensured that visitors had the most up to date information at all times.

As an organizer you will also love the integrated in-depth analytics. It will give you instant feedback on, the most popular events and the visitor behavior so you can track the success of your event and make necessary adjustments.

An app can also send notifications to visitors, sending them a reminder when events they have favorited is approaching. Approximately 75% of people allow notifications permission to remain on.

The integrated share button is one of the best ways to spread the word about the festival. Facebook and SMS were the most popular sharing methods for this festival.

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